warriorforumIt’s 2009 as I write this and quite frankly, the economy sucks! As the government takes us deeper and deeper into debt many people are turning to the Internet to find a way out. But, with little money in your pocket, you probably can’t afford to pay for a high priced coach. And, if you’re buying every Internet Marketing “secret” that’s out there, you may have already put quite a dent in your wallet.

One of the very best, free and almost free, places to learn is the Warrior Forum. I joined the forum way back in the 1990’s! Just about every big marketing guru monitors and posts on this forum and it is by far the best place to learn online marketing. As with any forum, there are a lot of new folks there too so they don’t always post the best answers. Pay attention and you’ll soon learn who has the best information.

Why is it free and almost free? The majority of the forum is free, you just need to register in order to post. There is a section called the “War Room” that costs $35 (US) to join. That’s a lifetime fee. Once you’re in, you’re in for life! In this area, you will find many experienced marketers who often offer their products free to other War Room members. They do this many times to acquire testimonials that are used to market the product. But, many of them are simply trying to give back to the community that has helped them so much to succeed. I’ve gotten some awesome free materials and information in the War Room.

Another area of the forum that I love but you can easily get hooked on is the WSO thread. WSO means “Warrior Special Offer”. In this part of the forum you are allowed to offer up original works for sale. They can be in the form of reports, web sites, PLR or whatever. As long as it is your original creation AND you sell it for less than people get it for outside of the forum (that’s the “special” part), you can market it there. This forum usually has about 800 people viewing it at any given time of the day so it is a powerful way to market and there are people who make a decent living marketing in this forum. It’s also an awesome way to start a list. The average WSO will earn you about $3,000. You will make more or less depending on the offer and your marketing skills.

Go there, join in, have fun and learn a whole bunch.

Yes, you will find me there and it will appear that I’ve only been a member since 2008. Well, I changed my email addresses and then when I went back to login, I had forgotten my login and simply created a new account. I now regret that decision but we all live and learn.

When you join, please list me as the person who referred you. We get “credit” for that. It doesn’t get us anything but clout, but sometimes clout goes a long way! My username is: GingerColeen.