Owning and maintaining an internet business requires that you create fresh content articles on a regular basis — preferably daily. Articles quench the thirst for information and knowledge that lures your fans to your site.

So what are your options for creating content regularly if you simply hate to write?

Well, for starters if you hate writing articles and you can’t afford to hire someone reputable to write for you, you can get free articles. The first place to look is in the public domain. You won’t have problems with copyright infringement if your material is available in the public domain.

Public domain articles have expired copyrights. In other words, when a work is copyrighted, that copyright has an expiration date. Copyrights can be extended but when the author dies, sometimes they don’t get extended and actually expire. When that happens, they end up in the public domain. So, these are writings that were once published. And, in that light, the writing should be very good.

The downside to public domain articles is that anyone can use them and your competition may have done so already. You may have to edit them a bit to place your keywords and keyword phrases in the appropriate places. Also, make sure that if you use public domain articles they pertain to your niche topic.

Another way to get free articles is to allow other sites which have similar content to submit articles to your site. Most bloggers today do utility posting which is exactly this. They use content from other blogs and give the blog a trackback (link).

Now, some people might think WAIT A MINUTE – I don’t want to put links to other sites on my site! But, if that’s what you’re thinking, you’re a bit behind the times, I’m afraid. If you’ve ever heard the term Web 2.0 that’s really what it’s all about. Even Google knows this and is now serving up pages with the most popularity based on the number of links to and from a site and, of course, a lot of other things too. But social populariaty is REALLY important!!!

So, forget about keeping all the links to yourself and start sharing as much as you can.

Just one more thing I also want to point out as far as where to get good content for your articles. There are many sites online that offer what are called Private Label Articles that you can publish and take credit for yourself. You can even rewrite them if you like. In fact, that’s how this article came about. I have no problem writing, but by using a PLR article to start with, the ideas flow easier and I don’t have to come up with all original content.