People often ask me how to market on Twitter or Facebook. These are both great places to find customers. But, before you can start there, you should have your marketing funnel in place.

Squeeze PageIf you try to market directly on any of the social networks, you’ll fail miserably and wonder why everyone thinks it’s such a great marketing tool.

Just like building a house or a business requires a foundation, so does your online marketing plan.

So, what exactly is a marketing funnel? Well, it starts with a well constructed special kind of web page called a “squeeze page” or a “lead capture page.”

A squeeze page has only 1 purpose. That purpose is to get your potential customer to opt-in to your lead generation system. In other words, you want them to enter their name and email address into an online form.

Once you’ve captured their information and they’ve clicked on the confirmation link sent to them from your autoresponder system, you’re able to send them a series of well crafted marketing messages. Now, it’s just a matter of time, before some of these people will become your customer.

So many people miss this ultra important step and try to market directly to people. Remember a couple of important points and you’ll better understand why this method works so well.

  • It takes 5-10 times of seeing your offer before they will buy
  • People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust

Being able to send them marketing messages, means you now have the opportunity to build a relationship with them.

And when they become your customer, you can continue to give them value and reasons to come back for more. Remember that just a 5% increase in repeat sales to your existing customer base raises your yearly income by 25-35%.